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Professional and dedicated support

Find your approach to trading and learn how to create your own market strategy based on your needs and goals.


Unique training

Gain access to detailed market research, extensive coverage for the most popular financial instruments, and learn how to interpret the patterns for the assets you want to start trading on.

Reliable trading systems

Learn to make informed decisions and develop a broader perspective of the markets with user-friendly platforms that allow you to focus on trading your favorite instruments.

Various educational resources


If the Internet has changed the way the world communicates, it has also revolutionized the financial markets and the way we approach the economy. Investors no longer have the same obstacles as before. Nowadays, online trading has given everyone the opportunity to approach the markets from the comfort of their home, allowing all types of trader to carefully study the markets they want to face.

Today, anyone can start trading with their favorite instruments with a single click, or even with a simple tap on their favorite mobile devices – be it a smartphone or tablet. With unlimited access to the most popular instruments, it’s now just a matter of choosing and dedicating yourself when you want to start trading.

To make sure you find your way through the market noise, we have compiled a list of the most important assets you should use when planning trading in the financial markets.

Materiale educativo

Educational material on basic and advanced topics


Begin your financial journey with popular terms and trading concepts that support you in understanding the instruments you want to trade. Learn to build your knowledge base with fundamental and advanced market topics.

Daily market news


Make informed trading decisions by reading the latest news and essential daily insights. Stay in touch with the latest events and find out what to look for when creating your custom strategy or learning what affects your favorite tools.

Notizie di mercato
Analisi tehnica

Technical analysis


Learn how to use patterns from instrument charts to spot and analyze trends, test your strategies, and create new trading plans.

Fundamental Analysis Articles


Learn to understand a company, study financial ratios, assess the market value of a stock and determine which instruments fit your trading style.

articoli di analisi fondamentale
Trading central

Trading Central


Tieni il passo con le notizie di oltre 2.100 strumenti con l’aiuto di un portale di ricerca esterno. Lascia che Trading Central scansioni i mercati e trovi nuove idee di trading, permettendoti di risparmiare tempo prezioso quando crei la tua strategia.

Economic calendar


Find out what economic events are and what impact they could have on the instruments you are trading. Explore press releases, classifieds, financial policies and understand their connections to the tools you deal with.

Calendario economico

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