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There is a 1 in 400 TRILLION Chance of Living! You already won life’s biggest lottery!

Life is a blueprint of successful chances and opportunities.
Those who win grab these opportunities as they pass by

Let us show you how to become the winner, for behind every success there is a system
Check out this video and we’ll elaborate:

    Choose the life to live

      Choose the life to live


      If you bought $1000 of bitcoin a few years ago, you would now be a millionaire….

      Now we know what you’re thinking: that was just pure luck… well if that’s so how do you think successful investors stay wealthy

      Because for the most part, it isn’t really luck, if you have the right tools….

      Our revolutionary software tirelessly analyzes the market 24/7 in real-time, and just like how an Octopus uses its 8x arms to catch its prey; our AI cleverly matches 8x proven investment strategies to generate high-value opportunities, called ‘signals’.

      From here on, you can decide whether or not you wish to invest, leaving the decision-making process firmly in your hands.

      This revolutionary approach to online investing means you no longer need to be an expert, nor spend your day analyzing market-graphs: Our system does all the hard work for you and you can literally spend 15 minutes executing high-quality trades, leaving you the rest of the day to spend with your friends and family.

      However, we are only making this system freely available for a limited amount of time, as we wish to avoid flooding the market, potentially harming the results of our members.

      Now all this means you’ve just been given an incredible opportunity… are you going to jump on board and evolve, or let yet another opportunity pass by, wondering what could have been…

      Join us now, take the chance and change your life forever.



      Bitcoin Blueprint’s powerful AI-driven software scans the market 24/7, analyzing the results coming in.

      This means you won’t have to spend your life studying the market yourself, and can better focus on executing smart-trades.

      In order to get an edge in this ever faster spinning world, you need to have artificial intelligence help you out.


      When Bitcoin BluePrint finishes scanning and analyzing the market, it uses 8x proven investment strategies, which we’ve fine-tuned over a decade of successful online investment experience, to recommend strategically smart investments.

      Our software and investment team have spent years fine-tuning Bitcoin Blueprint’s AI strategy to ensure optimal results.

      This results in our software delivering the fastest, highest-quality investment advice for you to act on.


      The Bitcoin Blueprint software is able to produce extremely accurate trade signals and opportunities for assets, cryptocurrencies and CFD’s.

      Combining the power of artificial intelligence, with our team’s investment strategies gives you the most optimal starting-point to start building up your own fortune.

      As history shows, being successful is often tied to being at the right place at the right time, and that’s exactly what Bitcoin Blueprint gives you, , on a silver platter.



      Once your registration is accepted, you will automatically become the newest member of the Bitcoin Blueprint community. This means you will get to claim our proprietary software for free.


      Like any business, you need working capital to get started. So to start profiting with the Bitcoin Blueprint software, you must invest any amount you desire of $250 or more.


      Run the software and allow it to analyze the market bringing you quality signals and opportunities powered by our high-end AI, utilizing 8x proven strategies. You can then decide which trades to take.



      I’m new to online investing, is this for me?

      The Bitcoin Blueprint Software has been carefully designed to be as easy as possible to use for beginners as well as people who aren’t tech-savvy. Behind the scenes our high-end AI does all the work for you, and so all you need to do is follow the software’s signals.

      How much money do I need to invest?

      The good news is that the software is 100% free for our members. After registration someone will contact you and help guide you through your first investments. Rest assure: All investments are 100% yours, there are no hidden fees.

      How much money could I make?

      There is no limit to your success; numerous members who use our software wisely often average thousands a day. In the end it comes down to following the signals carefully and acting fast on the predictions made so you can be ahead of the curve.

      Is my personal information kept safe?

      We take pride in our members privacy; your information will not be used in any other way than for the purpose of helping you enroll, and take advantage of our game-changing software. We are not an information-selling business, as it is illegal.

      How much effort does the Bitcoin Blueprint require?

      There is no real minimum time requirement; you can actually log in each day and spend only 15 minutes reviewing signals and acting upon them. We have members who travel the world logging in less than ~15 minutes a day to make smart investment decisions that end up making them thousands.

      This sounds like a scam?

      We spent decades in online trade, figuring out the routines to successful trades, which we’ve bundled into 8x powerhouse strategies. For years we’ve developed a high-end AI that utilizes these strategies effectively, which we now wish to launch into the general public for a limited time-period. After this promotional timeframe, our software will obtain a steep price to ensure the markets aren’t flooded, potentially diminishing our members’ results. You can read up on some of our members submitted success stories to see The Wealth Matrix can fit anyone.

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